The 10 items I can’t live without in my...

PersonalPosted by Cleopetra Fri, February 01, 2013 12:30:45

I stumbled across this list on Pinterest and decided to fill it out.

The 10 items I can’t live without in my...

Beauty cabinet: Moisturizer.

Purse: Lip balm and hand sanitizer.

Kitchen: Kettle. Just got a new one!

iTunes: Don’t really like iTunes... But do like the search function so I’ll pick that.

Closet: My growing collection of pretty Happy Socks. They really do make you happy!

Library: I love books! Can’t choose... Baking books, design books & favourite novels.

Bookmarks: I’m a serious bookmarker. I’ll go for Pinterest’s “Pin It” that I probably use the most.

Home: All my gorgeous kitchen things. Retro and plastic, baby.

Office: I’ve got an ugly free wall calendar on my desk in front of the computer screen that I don’t really like but it’s practical. Since I see it all the time I rarely forget things.

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